Modding at its finest!

Here at StealthMods our only goals are satisfaction and perfection.

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Speedy Fast

We are trained in speed and will make the accounts as fast as possible!

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Only the finest menus

We use the SkyAcro EFLC mod menu for GTA 5, one of the best on the market, making it extremely rare for a ban to occur.

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Best Features

We have so many options available for customization to your liking.
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Before account delivery we will go over how the account is and if you have any tweaks you need, we will make it perfect for you.

  • We focus on improvement.
  • Have any issues? We would love to help!
  • Pricing is flexible!
  • Great support!
  • High quality accounts!

What Do You Wanna Know

Make sure to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Proof will be given before purchase

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We're a small modding team that is dedicated to giving you the best service without emptying your wallet. We offer modding services for Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and many others, please contact us for a custom order of if you have any questions. We offer discounts for multiple accounts.
Check out our videos here: StealthMods on YouTube


Our accounts are usable on any console.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you purchase an basic package you will get a 7 day warranty in case any issues occur, The Works gets a 1 month warranty.


We can change your gamertag/username and even make it so when you login you can change how your character looks.

Fast delivery

Delivered as soon as possible

Proof video

Here is the StealthMods GTA V proof video

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Our Team

We proudly present our team members

  • Live Chat Agent, Modder & Site Development
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  • Live Chat Agent, Modder & Site Development
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KV Seller
Trusted by us
Mod Menu Maker
Trusted by us
  • Maker of the EFLC mod menu
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What people say


They're totally legit they did my account exactly how I asked them, great communication and they're friendly. Would definitely recommend their services for anyone.


Woow! It was really fast and my account was perfect. Recommended!


These are our prices

$ 5-10
Doesn't need a warranty
  • PS3 - COD BO2 Lobby Co-Host $8 a hour
  • GTA 5 PRIVATE DROP $5 for 15 minutes
  • GTA 5 DROP With friends $10 for 30 minutes
  • PS3 - COD Zombieland $8 a hour (invite friends!)
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The Works
$ 20
Comes with a 30 day warranty
$3 a month for extra warranty
  • GTA 5 account BASIC with Custom Garage & DLC unlocks
  • GTA 5 Account BASIC with 5 Custom Outfits & DLC unlocks
  • +5$ for any additional garage
  • contact

All accounts with a rank over 700 and over $2.5 billion are not protected by warranty!


Chat with T0xicPanda

Skype: aidan.schienfeld

Chat with SecuroVIP

Skype: SecuroVIP
I'm the one with the red illuminati

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Chat with SmashKV - Trusted KV Seller

Skype: smaskv

Chat with AcroSonal - Trusted Mod Menu Maker

Skype: rockstarsking3